Matt Peek | Creative Executive


Matt was born in Maryland to Guinness World Record’s certified “MOST AWESOME” parents. He was raised on a steady diet of hot tea and Cheese Whiz with an older brother and sister and an array of dogs, cats, fish, and occasional raccoons.

For the entirety of his life he’s been equally addicted to sports, comedy, baseball and Bill Murray. After the lengthy but totally enjoyable “extended” college program at Salisbury University, he headed west and discovered Los Angeles (This matter is currently under dispute.)

Matt has held every position imaginable on a film set, from production assistant to caterer to actor to director. But his passion was, is and will always be writing; for those who are keeping score, Matt penned pilots for BixPix, Fox, VH1, and MTV as well as an animated feature for Media One. After this moderate writing success, Matt purchased a restaurant to provide the requisite ‘artist’s secondary income stream.’ Unfortunately, Matt was terribly ignorant of the commitment a restaurant required and found himself on a five-year hiatus from the creative world.

Having closed the restaurant, Matt was lured by Eric with promises of free coffee, free Wi-Fi, and daily Krispy Kreme into Company 11. To date he has slated seven projects for the company, an impressive feat considering the Krispy Kremes ran out in one week. A dream project would be anything that allows Matt on a sporting field so that he can rediscover his lapsed athleticism.

At the time of this writing, Matt fully expects when he expires to be survived by his beautiful daughter Sophie, currently 10, as she lords over the professional sports franchise he will have purchased.