Eric Christensen | Executive Producer


Eric is an entrepreneur and business-minded individual who enjoys being in the position of taking an inkling of an idea and fostering, focusing, and nurturing that idea to create an actual product. Eric Co-Founded Zamboni Entertainment in 2003 & MAK Pictures in 2011. In 2016, Eric decided to go out on his own and created Company 11, to dedicate his ambitions and energies into projects about which he is truly passionate.

Eric has decades under his producing belt within a wide variety of genres. He cut his teeth working with Dick Clark on talent-filled award shows such as the AMA’s, the Cable ACE Awards, and the Jim Thorpe Pro Sports Awards. Eric is intimately knowledgeable of the intra-workings of a vast array of programming format: live productions, variety, syndicated strip, docu-reality, scripted, hidden camera, action/stunt programs, commercials, theatrical (longform and short), music videos, & viral internet marketing campaigns.

In the interest of saving trees, Eric’s specific project list can be seen on IMDB under “Eric J. Christensen” – but career highlights have been working directly with Billionaire Bill Gates, Steve Martin’s comedy series The Downer Channel, Don Mischer’s 50th Anniversary Live Israel special, as well as helming a production division of an international production company for ALL3 Media.

He currently lives in L.A. with his wife, whose name he mispronounced for the first year he knew her, and his daughter, who considers horses far more interesting than anything her father has done.